“It couldn’t have been more straight forward.”

“We were tasked with selling my grandpa’s house.  It was packed to the gills with old furniture.  On top of that, the chimney was literally falling off due to foundation issues.  No real estate agent wanted any part of it unless we put tens of thousands of dollars into fixing the foundation.  Lee came out and met us at the house and gave us on offer 30 minutes later.  It couldn’t have been more straight forward.  We are so glad we called.

Lindy F.

About Spanish Moss Home Buyers

About Spanish Moss Homebuyers

After falling in love with each other while traveling the world, Kristyn and I fell in love with Savannah, GA. Between days playing on the beaches or hosting a Lowcountry boil, what’s not to love? Some things just feel right and that’s how it was for us the day we landed in Savannah. With all the charm of the live oaks and the easy laughter of the people, we are home. It’s our pleasure to work with our community to help turn troubled properties back into coveted family homes. We know how it feels to have the weight of a home that is no longer wanted dragging you down. We can help. It’s what we do.

What We Do

We provide simple solutions for homeowners and investors who need to sell an unwanted property in Savannah in the surrounding areas. We are also buying homes in Jacksonville and Charleston!

Whether your house needs work, if it was inherited, or if you are worried about foreclosure, we can help. We help homeowners through stressful situations buying paying great prices and closing quickly. Leave everything to us and sell your house in only a few short days!

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